Help Buy Laser Engraver – Indiegogo

Franklin is an amazing artist with some amazing creations. Take a look at his campaign on Indiegogo to buy laser engraver and cnc router.
His story goes

Hello, my name is Franklin, I have 45 years old, I am software engineer, volunteer police, and an art apprentice.

10 years ago I started a little business, a small art studio where I make art works in glass, wood, metal, stone, marble, granite and ostrich eggs.

I perform the techniques of carving, sandblasting and shading, you can see photos of my work in

As I haven’t money, almost all machines and equipment that I use I made myself with parts from junk and trash.

People like what I do, but with my rudimentary tools and doing all the work by hand is very difficult to accept new projects because the projects in execution take me a long time, so I have to reject new projects while I finish current ones.

This situation breaks my heart because I love decorating… continue reading