Gone by Michael Grant : Book Review

I know we’ve all become tired of the fake wannabe, dystopian society books that followed “Hunger Games”. Every time I see one I get really mad because I’m just really exasperated of seeing the same plot line and story over and over. When I was scanning the title and synopsis on the front page, I immediately thought it was going to be just like those aforementioned, and didn’t even want to finish reading the short paragraph. When I kept looking for a book to check out and couldn’t find one, I thought of “Gone”. My mind went back to flashing to the cover image (it’s very eye-catching/intriguing) and I got it. I enjoyed this book extremely and because of it’s odd storyline, alluring characters, and exciting plot. Like I said before I didn’t expect much from “Gone”  but I’m really glad I read it and can’t wait to check out the next one of the series.

“Gone” is about a small town named Perdido Beach. On one particular day all the adults disappear including all teens 15 and up. When the kids are left on their own disorder erupts. They have no way of contacting anyone since Wifi, computers, cellular devices, etc. don’t work and no one knows what to do. The problem of who is going to be in charge, food, shelter, and the tending of little kids is awry. Soon after some kids discover talents that they can control which makes whole new complications. Animals are also changing/mutating and people soon find out the issues that can resolve from that. One of the most important question everyone has is what happens when the kids stuck inside the island (by a huge barrier) turn 15. We know they “blink” out but where do they actually go? Purchase from Amazon or check out at your local library.

This novel for me is a definite read. It has fantasy, action, and dystopian elements in it that would interest anybody. To me this book would be recommend to a teen audience that is ages 10 up. Like I said it could be an interesting to almost anyone who likes a book that keeps them on their toes and has likable characters.