Gift of Gamman

Science fiction is a genre that surely brings a set of expectations about the creative and, usually, irrational leaps that the author will make. Stan I.S. Law’s version of science fictions makes some of those leaps, but somehow they all seem entirely plausible. After reading the Gift of Gamman, I’m entirely convinced that this is our very near future. It’s almost as if this journey has already taken place, and by Stan I.S. Law himself, because of the detail-oriented nature of the book, the flow of events, and the way everything culminates into something grander that will move mankind further ahead.

I’m still processing a lot of the book, well after finishing, because it was simply so much to take in. I’m very struck by these spectacular characters and their various gifts. Stan I.S. Law, I am looking forward to your continued ownership and raising the bar of the science fiction genre!