Fairest by Gail Carson Levine : Book Review

I love this book so much it’s crazy! I mean I’ve probably read about 15 times since first seeing it. It is written by my favorite author Gail Carson Levine who is most recognized for Ella Enchanted (which was also turned into a movie). This book (in my opinion) is loosely based of the fairy tale Snow White, and the twist this book gives to it just gives my life.

Fairest is about a girl named Ava who lives in the kingdom of Ayortha. In Ayortha singing is everyone’s second nature and Ava is best of them all. She can actually throw her voice so it appears to come from anywhere and she can also mimick anyone’s voice. She would be an actual catch in her kingdom except for the fact of her being ugly. Her family owns an inn and Ava gets teased immensely because of her appearance and she aches to be pretty. One day when a regular guest at the inn, companion gets sick she needs someone to come with her. Ava is decided to go to the royal wedding with her and thus the adventures begin! Ava is delighted to be able to be at the castle and she meets the king, soon to be queen, and the prince. She gets to spend more time with prince again when she plays a quirky, fun singing game and is choose to be his partner. She also gets to talk with the soon queen and she pressures her become her lady in waiting when she is discovered of her gift of illusing. The almost queen can’t sing and she wants Ava for her voice. Soon after the king becomes ill when he gets struck in the head with a horseshoe. When the royal host a monthly Sing, Ava’s secret of illusing becomes discovered and a price is paid for her silence. Read the book to find out what happens when Ava gets a chance to be beautiful, and what it really means to be a good person.