Fail Proof Weight Loss

Fail Proof Fat Loss is something that I should have read 20 years ago. It has what alot of books in this genre lack – and that is direct, straightforward advice about the people that lose weight and the people that don’t. The author does a good job of making that very clear.

Dr. Steve Young’s goal is to get your mind in the right place. A lot of us have false expectations and unrealistic ideas of how weight loss is supposed to go. Here is an honest truth that he shares – that without this nothing we try will work. With every chapter it becomes more and more clear of where you are supposed to be mentally. Then at the end he gets into the physical advice. But first it’s all about false notions we have because of marketing or rumors or personal weaknesses.

I feel really empowered because of this straight forward advice that I felt was reading my mind. Fail Proof Fat Loss couldn’t have been a better read. I feel like I hit the reset button on my weight loss journey.