Enigma of the Second Coming

Enigma of the Second Coming is a novel that will mentally prepared you. It challenges conventional frames of mind and forces you to think about time, space, and power in new creative ways. This is a good and unique way to introduce yourself to concepts about metaphysics and theology into a progressive plot that has strong themes about love, family, and relationships.

Stan I.S. Law always delivers on thought-provoking books that stand apart in the genre. This time, Enigma of the Second Coming, stands boldly in the science fiction genre as unlike any of the others. John, Hey, and J.J. were all dynamic and compelling characters that developed in dramatic ways and contributed to the story’s momentum in valuable ways. I think there is so much more to read in-between the lines of these pages. Not only will I be reading Enigma of the Second Coming a second time, but as I am a fan of his writing, I will also be looking out for more of Law’s work!