Endangered The Next Multi Platform Franchise

Endangered The Next Multi Platform Franchise Immerse into a universe where Grand Theft Auto meets Cabela’s Big Game Hunter to find out what it is to be Endangered!

In 1973 the US government introduced the Endangered Species Act. The purpose was to prevent the extinction of animal species and possibly help those animal populations recover. It also created a barricade to the most devoted big game hunters on the planet. No longer able to openly hunt the most elusive and scarce game in the world…they were forced into shadows…this is their story.

About the game: The player is in the shoes of a Big Game Hunter that specializes in tracking and hunting down Endangered Species. You must constantly gather intel on where to find your prey as well as take special measures to evade any entanglements with the authorities. Read about each phase of the project to gain insight of the big picture.

Phase I-Early versions of the game will be mobile phone games featuring a tap to shoot first person mode and a dice roll card game where experience points can lead to power ups and certain player cards are more rare. Load screens will feature true facts about endangered species and the regions that they are indigenous to in the hope that this game will also provide some zoological and geographical educational value.

Phase II-If Phase I proves successful then a multi-platform version for home consoles with multiplayer online… Continue Reading on Kickstarter