Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell : Book Review

If you like books featuring quirky characters and a romance that is unconventional, this novel is for you. I love this book just for the very reason of it being written in a way that lets me gain insight with the main characters but progressing as it gets longer.

Eleanor & Park is about a boy and a girl named Eleanor and Park, just like the title states. Eleanor is a new student at Park’s school and to be put it simply; she’s weird. The clothes she wears are weird with clashing color combinations and outdated fashion. On the very first day of school Eleanor steps onto the school bus in the middle of the aisle for someplace to sit. When she attempts to sit in one  a mean “popular” girl named Tina stops her and that when she is about to cry. Park takes pity on her and lets her sit with him, all the while wanting to ignore her and she also ignoring him. They don’t talk in school that day although he sees her throughout the day. When they’ve been sitting together for a while, Park notices that she reads his comic books as he is also. Park starts to bring along extras for her to read and they soon start a companiable friendship together. Park soon starts bringing stack of the comics for her to bring home and Eleanor has a chance to escape her harried life when she’s at home. The two also start to start to talk about music and who they enjoy listening to. When Park, on a whim, visits her house  to show her a special edition of a comic book, her mom tells her that she doesn’t want her involved with any boy. They slowly start noticing each other in an romantic way while hoping the other won’t see. When Eleanor starts confiding in Park about her troubles at home specifically involving her step dad, he wants to help and sees how much the turmoil in her house is affecting her. Read Eleanor & Park to see what happens to their relationship and if as eccentric as theirs can last.

This novel is intended for teens but some adults would be able to relate to the themes in it.