Dairy Queen By Catherine Gilbert Murdock : Book Review

When picking a book to read, I was immediately drawn to Dairy Queen. Quite simply because it has a dreamlike quality to it which features a boy and a girl laying down opposite each other, just looking up at the sky. I liked it because it made me want to go outside and just experience the outdoors. I have to tell you after reading it, that it has become at the top of my favorites. I really connected with the book because the main character D.J. Schwenk is a teen, has big family responsibilities, and she sometimes feels as if nobody is on her side. This delightful story will make you laugh, bawl, squirm, and smile in happiness.

Dairy Queen is about a teen girl named D.J. Schwenk who runs a farm. Ever since her father broke his hip, she has taken on all the responsibilities from him and it is very hard work. One day her dad’s oldest friend named Jimmy Ott, who is a coach at her school’s rival Hawley, sends his quarterback to help her with the work. His name is Brian Nelson who is rich, priveleged, rude and D.J. wants nothing to do with him. When she is offered by Jimmy to coach him, she has two older brothers who play college football, and he knows she  has experience with training. The two agree on one week of training; him helping with the farming and she coaching him with drills, sprints, and mile long runs. While being with him she has the craziest idea 2 D.J. has a brother named Curtis who hardly speaks and she doesn’t know why. D.J. also never speaks with her two brothers who she used to be so close to but now is ostracized from. Read Dairy Queen to see how D.J.’s and Brian’s relationship progresses, the truth behind Curtis’ silence, and to see if she makes the team.

This book to me can be read by everyone who like reading about discovering your true self, blooming crushes, rebelling against the “strict system”, and quirky teens. Buy Dairy Queens at Amazon or check out from your local library.