Creativity, 63 short exercises to a Happier Life

My job was at a point where I wasn’t having upward mobility, and there were no prospects for a promotion. So, I tried this book on Creativity because I figured that I needed a way to gain an edge at work. I started to do them for 10 minutes before my work day started when I would normally be on social media. It took some time and focus, but again and again came opportunities to really show off my new found creativity.

First my immediate superiors began to notice, and then my colleagues started to pay attention. Some had even began to ask me what was going on in my life because I seemed like “a different person”. Lately I have been taking on more responsibility in my job, and my boss even told me that I have a bright future ahead of me. I’m looking forward to what’s coming, and you can bet that I’ll be continuing my creativity exercises over and over again.

Try Creativity, 63 short exercises to a Happier Life. It’s worth it, I’m Happier!