Cooler Bobs

This is like the coolest idea ever, Cooler Bobs.

Light ‘Em Up! Take ANY regular old cooler, and MAKE IT COOLER. Our Cooler Bobs light up the contents no matter how dark the night.

Where are we now?

We have taken Cooler Bobs from an idea to a prototype, and now we are ready to start mass production!

Cooler Bobs has partnered with a manufacturer that has tweaked the design to be optimal for consumer use and production-ability. We have made payment for the production mold and are days away from having our golden prototypes. If approved, these prototypes will be the exact model we will be shipping directly to you.

Getting Cooler Bobs to where we are today has been a long road, however, we have not been more energized or driven to provide our end users with Continue Reading on Kickstarter.

Very cool concept.