Conures as Pets

It was actually my son who found this book, Conures as Pets: Including Information about Sun Conures and Green Cheeked Conures. Before I would allow him to have a parrot as a pet, I told him he needed to do some research to find out how to care for a one first. Neither, my son or I expected to learn so much about these beautiful birds but this book made us feel like experts after reading it.

We walked into the pet store prepared to tell them exactly what we wanted from the items needed for their care to what would be needed for breeding. We know knew how to keep them alive and healthy for years to come. I do a lot of reading and I don’t usually find a book that is as thorough and knowledgeable as what Taylor David has put together here. If you are ready for a Conure or just need a book for research purposes, this is a great one.