Children of Saba

Children of Saba was a majestic read. Every attention was completely immersed into this book – so much so that which every turn of the page I became more attached.

The author, N.K. Read, composed a very well-written book with Children of Saba. The plot is dynamic and intense throughout. The way the African settings were described were very detail-oriented and rich. You can tell that the author has first hand experience of not only being there, but had a deep understanding of its vitality. It really took you into a time and place that, though unknown, seemed very familiar and comforting.

Our protagonists, Kendi and Mwenda, were very brave and strong individuals who were the foundation of such a story of perseverance and will. The stakes are extremely high but they push on despite the obstacles. The Children of Saba appeals to all ages and contains all the elements of any particular genre. There is absolutely no single category for this incredible tale.