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A Disposable Diaper That’s Easy on the Environment

Our children are the most important thing that has ever happened in our life. We want to make sure they get the best of everything. Diapers are the first things a parent looks into even before having a baby. With diapers on the list of top five items causing pollution today in our environment, with a score statistics of 7.6 billion pounds dumped in landfills which will take about 500 years to decay, we need to look into some possible ways to alter this outcome. We at Slick diapers have come up with a disposable diaper that’s easy on the environment. An environmental friendly diaper so that you not only provide the best diapers but also contributing to the environment for your loved one’s future.

slick diapers

Slick diapers are the most innovative diaper manufactured so far in the diaper industry...

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Slick diapers Launches Diaper in Kickstarter to Remove the Frustration Out of Diaper Change

Manhattan Beach, CA, May 7, 2018 – The Slick diapers team is excited to announce the start of their new Kickstarter campaign under “Slick diapers Kickstarter campaign, which will guide them to start the mass production of Slick diapers for the US and global markets. The new product is made to significantly facilitate existing and future moms when changing the diapers of their babies.
The ground-breaking product is intended for moms, pregnant moms, new moms, toddlers, fussy toddlers, and babies. It has some amazing features like a waistband, which goes around the baby and stays there until it requires to be changed. Aside from that, the feature also allows easy removal of the diaper bottom...

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Finding Your Missing Sock Just Got Easier with Sock Cycle Deluxe

Who isn’t tired of losing socks? We’ll finding your missing sock just got easier with Sock Cycle Deluxe.

Not really but have some fun while you think about it. This new iOS game is all the craze.

You put a pair of socks in the washing cycle and it never fails that only one sock returns. Where did that other sock go?

Sock Cycle Deluxe is an app that finds your missing socks from the dreadful Sock Cycle. It helps you find and match your missing socks. Similar to the 2048 game but with a bit of a twist.

Get ready for hours of addictive fun and no more missing socks.

SockCycleSock Cycle Deluxe

Sock Cycle is available in the Apple iTunes App Store for iPad. Other versions for iPhone and Android called Find My Sock  in the Google Play Store are available as well.

Relax, this game is lots of fun but quit...

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EPEC Upgradeable Junior Golf Clubs

If you’ve ever thought about golfing for your kids, start here with the EPEC Upgradable Junior Golf Clubs Kickstarter project.

EPEC™ is a great way to introduce your kids to golf and save 50% or more compared to traditional clubs.

Golf as a sport has been around for hundreds of years. But the game’s future is in jeopardy due to a declining number of kids deciding to take up golf…

Get all the fantastic details about their campaign and how you can get a great deal HERE, you won’t regret it.


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Orion Key Holder

Orion Key Holder:

The Orion key holder is my first project here on Kickstarter. Orion Design is something that has been a long time coming. I have been working towards being able to have my own business with the goal to have the freedom to design awesome products to share with everyone as well as helping others bring their designs to life. It all starts with the Orion key holder. I have put many hours into refining the key holder to not only be functional but be designed in a way to always start a conversation with someone that doesn’t have one. I hope that you will help me kick start my dreams and make this just the beginning continue reading…

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Hyper Thin Wallet by BELMENT

Hyper Thin Wallet by BELMENT are super sharp, sleek and neat. Very cutting edge design that anyone can use and love.

Please take a look at their Indiegogo project, I’m sure you’ll feel the same. Pledge today.

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The Emoji Project

The Emoji Project

Ever wish you had an Emoji for this or that?Now you don’t have to!

Tell us what you want to #emojify – we’ll do it!

We want to build a new Emoji library filled with the Emojis that everyone has always wanted and wished for. We want this library to be filled with the right Emojis. We realized that the only way to accomplish this is if we ask you – the users. We are asking for your help Kickstarter to develop the Emoji Library – By The People, For The People. Your donations will go directly towards…
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Cooler Bobs

This is like the coolest idea ever, Cooler Bobs.

Light ‘Em Up! Take ANY regular old cooler, and MAKE IT COOLER. Our Cooler Bobs light up the contents no matter how dark the night.

Where are we now?

We have taken Cooler Bobs from an idea to a prototype, and now we are ready to start mass production!

Cooler Bobs has partnered with a manufacturer that has tweaked the design to be optimal for consumer use and production-ability. We have made payment for the production mold and are days away from having our golden prototypes. If approved, these prototypes will be the exact model we will be shipping directly to you.

Getting Cooler Bobs to where we are today has been a long road, however, we have not been more energized or driven to provide our end users with Continue Reading on Kickstarter.


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Underwear, Tees + Sweats Made in Canada & USA: de la COMMUNE

Please take a look at this new Kickstarter, Underwear, Tees & Sweats Made in Canada & USA: de la COMMUNE…

A new mens premium brand focused on 3 factors: Design, Quality and fabric while producing everything in North America!

A COMMUNE is a group of people sharing common lives, interests, ideas and beliefs. de la COMMUNE is french for “from the COMMUNE or community”

When Daniel and I first met over 5 years ago, we clicked and both knew we wanted to do something together in the fashion industry. Our story starts in July 2013 when searching for the perfect name for our brand. It hit Daniel like a bolt of lightening, “de la COMMUNE”. We were going to pour our hearts and souls into this brand and make sure that it supported the people around us, our community in Canada and the USA...

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Get LinkedIn Contacts

Directoryman from is offering to give you 9800 LinkedIn Contacts for $5.

Read what he says: **High Converting LinkedIn Contacts** You will get a list of 9800 LinkedIn contacts of Real Business people in various professional background that will Accept your Invitation IMMEDIATELY .

We are different from the rest, because we have a HUGE reserve of Contacts which are regularly UPDATED with people who are willing to make New connections…

Also you will get basic and simple instructions on how to setup and import the list. I had received more than 1000 connections in less than 48hours… Read the rest HERE.

If you need LinkedIn Contacts fast, it seems Directoryman is the way to go.

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