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A Disposable Diaper That’s Easy on the Environment

Our children are the most important thing that has ever happened in our life. We want to make sure they get the best of everything. Diapers are the first things a parent looks into even before having a baby. With diapers on the list of top five items causing pollution today in our environment, with a score statistics of 7.6 billion pounds dumped in landfills which will take about 500 years to decay, we need to look into some possible ways to alter this outcome. We at Slick diapers have come up with a disposable diaper that’s easy on the environment. An environmental friendly diaper so that you not only provide the best diapers but also contributing to the environment for your loved one’s future.

slick diapers

Slick diapers are the most innovative diaper manufactured so far in the diaper industry...

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Slick diapers Launches Diaper in Kickstarter to Remove the Frustration Out of Diaper Change

Manhattan Beach, CA, May 7, 2018 – The Slick diapers team is excited to announce the start of their new Kickstarter campaign under “Slick diapers Kickstarter campaign, which will guide them to start the mass production of Slick diapers for the US and global markets. The new product is made to significantly facilitate existing and future moms when changing the diapers of their babies.
The ground-breaking product is intended for moms, pregnant moms, new moms, toddlers, fussy toddlers, and babies. It has some amazing features like a waistband, which goes around the baby and stays there until it requires to be changed. Aside from that, the feature also allows easy removal of the diaper bottom...

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Campaign Funded Campaign Writing and Consulting Services


Write Campaign Funded Campaign Writing and Consulting Services is one of leading crowdfunding services such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub and more. We analyze, write, teach and consult with creators on their projects to ensure they are as effective with the highest possibility of reaching their goals. We promote crowdfunding campaign on social media platforms via our trusted network of Social Media Pages related to Crowdfunding. We have worked with hundreds of campaigns, small and large and have proven techniques that have been successful over and over that we utilized for our clients.

We offer a wide range of services and media tools to and work with each campaign separately as no two campaigns are the same. Our services include:

  • Campaign Analysis – An Effective Campaign Pitch is...
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EPEC Upgradeable Junior Golf Clubs

If you’ve ever thought about golfing for your kids, start here with the EPEC Upgradable Junior Golf Clubs Kickstarter project.

EPEC™ is a great way to introduce your kids to golf and save 50% or more compared to traditional clubs.

Golf as a sport has been around for hundreds of years. But the game’s future is in jeopardy due to a declining number of kids deciding to take up golf…

Get all the fantastic details about their campaign and how you can get a great deal HERE, you won’t regret it.


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WALLET DRONE – World’s Smallest Quadcopter

WALLET DRONE – World’s Smallest Quadcopter

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Jun. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Axis Drones recently introduced their pocket-sized quadcopter on Indiegogo and quickly surpassed their $11,894 funding goal within the first 48 hours of launching. Wallet Drone has raised a total of $57,762 and to thank backers for supporting their campaign, they have created an exclusive perk that gives them full creative reign over how their Wallet Drone looks

With a $50 contribution, backers can get an all-white drone and controller, complete with eight Mini-Sharpies to create their own design. Mini-Sharpie colors include blue, orange, black, aqua, lime, berry, burgundy and red- allowing for endless continue reading

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Make Your Imprint – imprint Hat Co.

Make Your Imprint – imprint Hat Co.


Contact: B

Company: imprint Hat Co.

Address: 170 – 422 Richards

St. Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4



snapchat: @MakeYourImprint

imprint Hat Co. Enlists Viral Internet Celebrity to Launch as First Ever Self-­‐Sustainable Not-­‐For-­‐Profit Company

Vancouver, BC, April 13th, 2015 —With the help of viral-­‐video sensation Prince Ea, imprint Hat Co. has launched a new IndieGogo campaign to become the world’s first self-­‐sustainable not-­‐for-­‐profit apparel company...

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Grinidon A Fantasy Graphic Novel

Grinidon A Fantasy Graphic Novel

Our project is Grinidon, a fantasy graphic novel series. The story begins in the land of Calaway, a large island settled by humans nearly a half-century ago. The series begins in the city of Carnasus, the capital of the southern kingdom, where its people prepare for an attack from the north. The kingdoms’ feud dates back to the old land, and after twenty years of war, Carnasus prepares for what may be its end.The council has sent word for those loyal to the realm to aid them, but they know this is a battle that they cannot hope to win. The northern army is impossibly large and their king has taken steps to ensure victory...

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Watcher – the first anti-loss smart watch

Watcher – The first anti-loss smart watch

Watcher is a smart watch with anti-loss, notification, fitness tracking, sweet time features.

Watcher is a well-designed smart watch with E-paper display that enables you to think beyond your life. Coupled with our dedicated accessories ,it can help you to keep track of your personal belongings, how long you’ve spent time with your lovers, your fitness information, your baby’s body temperature and offer other useful features.

Why do we wanna do this:

We are a team of people who are tech-savvy and true believers of the notion that technology should simplify and facilitate our continue reading…

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Fit Mama – Kickstarter

Fit Mama

Calling out to Moms everywhere! Workout with pride in this Fit Mama shirt and prove to yourself that you can have a healthy lifestyle!

Laundry, dishes, work, diaper changes, bath time, meal preparation…. Moms do it all! So why shouldn’t they be proud of going the extra mile and taking care of their body?

How can moms everywhere show the world that you can be a GREAT mom while still being fit and healthy?

Fit Mama Fitness Wear is the answer. This new line of fitness gear will include t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, and yoga pants. Each piece of clothing is unique and captures the spirit of living a healthy, fit lifestyle. While wearing these clothes, you are telling the world and continue reading…

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Your Eyes are the Prettiest

Your Eyes are the Prettiest A Chris Barry Film

I’m Chris Barry, from Massachusetts, USA! I’ve been holding a camera in my hand since I came out of the womb! I’ve always been filming this, and that. All my home movies are just my showcased work.. Sloppy, but I was an original 8 year old! Ever since 2009, I’ve gotten serious with my filming, teaching myself. I went to Fitchburg State University for film and video production major, but dropped out in December of my freshman year, just to focus on my filmmaking skills. I’m self taught ever since my youth, just working my way up. My latest, Waldo: The Movie, is my best improvement.

In the process of finishing up Waldo: The Movie, I had this great idea for this film to show that emotion is a universal language of love...

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