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Get Ready To Take Some Spooky Pictures With Halloween Selfie

Get ready to take some spooky pictures with Halloween Selfie.  Everyone loves getting into the Halloween spirit. Halloween Selfie is a fun new app that allows you to take pictures with Halloween images straight from your phone.

A great way to send Halloween greetings to family and friends or even to scare them.  Take Halloween pictures with family, friends or pets.

How to take pictures, choose take selfie, choose to take a selfie with a skeleton, pumpkin, ghost or any other fun Halloween images and take the picture. Continue taking selfies, share or save.

This app is available for android devices in Google Play and soon will be available for iPhone and iPad.

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Love Pictures And Santa? Come Take A Selfie With Santa Selfie!

Love pictures and Santa? Come take a selfie with Santa Selfie! No more waiting in mall lines to take a quick selfie. Santa Selfie is new fun app that allows you to take pictures with Santa with your own camera phone.

A great way to send to a friend or family member for Christmas or just for fun. Now Santa can take pictures with you, your children or your pets right from where you are.

SantaSelfieSanta Selfie

How to take a selfie, just click and choose the santa image or other fun image you want and press the camera to take a photo. Save, share or continue taking selfies.

This App is available for Android devices in Google Play and will be available soon for iPhones and iPads...

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Can’t find the other sock? Find My Sock can help!

Can’t find the other sock? Find My Sock can help! Find My Sock is a new fun and addicting matching sock game for Android devices. Who doesn’t lose socks and wonder where are they? It gets frustrating and here’s a way to relieve a bit of stress and have some fun while waiting, relaxing or being competitive.

FindMySock1Find My Sock

How you play the game is simple, slide the socks left or right, up or down until two socks come together and make a different sock. Continue until you match all the socks to win the game. You can then continue with your competitive edge and keep matching and scoring.

The game is available for download in the Google Play Store. Get ready for hours of excitement. And if you have iPhone or iPad it’s available in the Apple Store as well.

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Finding Your Missing Sock Just Got Easier with Sock Cycle Deluxe

Who isn’t tired of losing socks? We’ll finding your missing sock just got easier with Sock Cycle Deluxe.

Not really but have some fun while you think about it. This new iOS game is all the craze.

You put a pair of socks in the washing cycle and it never fails that only one sock returns. Where did that other sock go?

Sock Cycle Deluxe is an app that finds your missing socks from the dreadful Sock Cycle. It helps you find and match your missing socks. Similar to the 2048 game but with a bit of a twist.

Get ready for hours of addictive fun and no more missing socks.

SockCycleSock Cycle Deluxe

Sock Cycle is available in the Apple iTunes App Store for iPad. Other versions for iPhone and Android called Find My Sock  in the Google Play Store are available as well.

Relax, this game is lots of fun but quit...

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Calistix – a free fitness app for everybody

Calistix Cross Sports – proud to be fit. Help us to make it happen!

We are creating the fitness app of the next generation! Calistix is a virtual personal trainer that offers a huge variety of sports activities: more than 100 exercises, indoors and outdoors, with or without equipment, for any fitness level from beginners to competitive athletes. It is a true all-in-one app with three different options – endurance, body workout and cross sports. The innovative ghost mode let’s you enter in virtual competitions with friends. Extras include a heart rate sensor, a pedometer, a BMI & WHR Calculator and standardized fitness tests. What’s best: Calistix is 100% free of charge and requires no registration.

Help us to make it happen – be part of our fitness revolution!

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Create iPhone Apps With No Programming

A new KickStarter project is out to benefit all who wants to become an independent business person or just create their great idea that they have thought of. It’s quite simple for anyone. Check out the
KickStarter HERE or continue reading what they are saying.

Create iPhone Apps With NoProgramming

Have you ever tried to create an App?

I think that many people have thought about it and many have looked into building an app but quickly became totally confused and very intimidated by what they saw.

Pull out your smartphone. You probably have an app for navigation, your social networking, your favorite game, and a music app...

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Dodge Eye Balls Game App for iPhone iPad

Dodge Eye Balls

Who doesn’t love Dodge Ball? Whether you remember playing it in the streets as kids or playing in the school gym room, there was lots of fun to be had by playing and Dodging the ball.


Here you can continue the excitement with this awesome game that’s sure to have you playing for hours.

Meet Charles, a happy 14-year-old kid with tons of expressions!! He also LOVES his teddy bears! Charles also has autism and is legally blind. He makes funny faces – especially with his eyes – that tell you his feelings. His teddy bears always make Charles give his most unique facial expressions.

Charles and his family invite you to play our game with us! Can you help Charles Dodge and avoid all the funny EYE BALLS and catch grab all his cute TEDDY BEARS for extra points?


Tilt y...

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QikPik – Apple iPad app

QikPik is a quick and easy way to help you decide on a number.Have you ever tried to figure out what new number you want to play either for the lottery or just needing a number. Yes, the lottery machines can dish out numbers but now YOU can dish out your own with the touch of your finger.

Be in control of your own destiny. Easy to use by selecting the numbers to choose between the click Find. Various sets to choose from plus lots of other fun things now and great surprises coming. Not only for the lottery but any type of guessing game.

For Entertainment. Result are not guaranteed. Play for fun and your luck may just change to WIN!!!

QuikPikQikPik iPad

Also available for iPhone QuikPiks and for Android Quick Pick.

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Psychic Eyes

Psychic Eyes is app designed to inspire app users with inspiring, supernatural communique to take into consideration regarding life, love, family and more.

Meant as a fun and entertaining way to think about your choices and the future. Psychic Eyes brings you positive and thought-provoking energy to any circumstances you may be going through.

With the Blink of an Eye, using Psychic Eyes may broaden your worldview and perspective. You never know which message will connect with you and provide added insight into the matter on your mind and bring a smile to your heart.

Share a story especially for you and see what’s in store for you today.

Psychic Eyes is for entertainment purposes only and is used only up to the discretion of the user.

Psychic Eyes come in a free version as well as a paid ve...

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Petuzzle My Pet on iPhone

“Petuzzle My Pet”

Make your Dog or Cat a star. Get them on an app for millions to see how cute, lovable and photogenic they are. Share with us what you love about him or her. Petuzzle your pet.

With Petuzzle your dog or cat photo is scrambled into pieces while you try to put him back in place. Time yourself to see how long it takes you. Race a friend to see who puts their pet back together faster. This is a stress reliever, give you a break from the chores of everyday plus you learn the different breeds of pets.

Send in your favorite pet picture and the maker may add it to Petuzzle.

Images will change periodically.

Find other great items, toys, services and connections for your pet.

PetuzzleMyPetPetuzzle My Pet – iPhone

Also available as Petuzzle – iPad and Petuzzle Buddies on Google Play.

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