Campaign Funded’s Tips to Getting Backers



This is an new and exciting book for aspiring campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. This new book is soon to be published and will show the do’s and don’ts for a campaign. It will also give you many helpful tips to be successful with crowdfunding. It features what you must do not to fail, Crowdfunding secrets, and 15 do’s and don’ts. This book is listed as a project on Indiegogo to gather the funding of the cost to self-publish it, to demonstrate strategies and tips instructed in the book, and so contributors can see the project grow and flourish.


The author will also put this project on Kickstarter with promotion and will follow the advice in the book, and this will most likely be funded 100%. In comparison the project on Indiegogo will not be promoted and have no extra help. This  will allow you to document the difference when following the guidance from the book and not. That way there is evidence for you to see and know the book actually works.  Some perks offered to contributors include receiving an Pdf copy of book before being published, advice and help with your own personal campaign, an autographed copy, and MORE! There are simple ways for your crowdfunding project to get all the way funded, and this book will show you the way. Read more at Campaign Funded