Brotherly Enemies

I really admire Elie Nakouzi because he is just so brave and forthright. I mean, talk about fear and constant danger… and in the face of all that you discover yourself in the midst of all the negativity and hatred thriving all around. This story, Brotherly Enemies: A True Story (Memoirs of a Pro American) is really spectacular and very moving to say the least. Because the account is firsthand, these are not fictional characters, these are real people. Elie allowed them to remain as they were, and not compromise the integrity of the memoir. The reader gets to be immersed into the dialogue and the course of events exactly as they unfold. The Memoir is also very descriptive about emotions, feelings, and ulterior motives throughout. He doesn’t hide anything from the reader, so I appreciate the honesty and openness. Elie continues to contribute so much to the world. Reading how his background influenced his contemporary time is really fascinating. Just a moving and valuable memoir!