Brandow Photography and Gallery

Here’s a great Indiegogo project full of Passion, a worthy cause. Brandow Photography and Gallery.

Shawn Brandow, owner of Brandow Photography.

“I’ve been a photographer ever since I was old enough to hold a camera, but I’ve only been in business since 2009. It started when my dad handed me his SLR film camera, a Minolta XD-7, one of the first of it’s kind. I began to take photos of everything. Even my friends were susceptible to my paparazzi tendencies!

I loved it. I carried that camera with me everywhere and it became a passion of mine. When I moved to New Mexico in 2006, I bought my first digital camera. This opened a whole new world of possibilities and this only fueled my passion.

I then started Brandow Photography and learned very quickly how competitive this business really is! I have a passion to bring people happiness by capturing their best moments and to show others the beautiful world all around them.

This campaign is to expand my business from being a “just another photographer” business, to “Photographer Extraordinaire!” Business. I have a vision to bring people my high definition art into their homes. Whether the art be of their own… Read More and Pledge Here