Boy 21 by Matthew Quick

This book is about a boy named Finley who is very introverted and quiet. Finley lives in a poor, rough neighborhood named Bellmont which is predominately black but has a small section of whites. The area had an Irish mob which like said Finley plays basketball for his high school and it is his ticket to college and to also get out of his town. Finley lives with his Dad and disabled grandfather, and he has a girlfriend named Erin who plays basketball like him. She is exceptionally well at it and is the star of her team. One day Finley’s coach tells him about this kid that is moving to their neighborhood. His name is Russ, and how he likes to be named Boy 21 ever since his parents got violent murdered. Oh, and also Russ is number for NBA recruits, he is great at basketball. But acting like a alien from outer space is the only way for him to cope with their murders, and basketball is an forbidden subject. What will happen when basketball isn’t the most important thing to Finley anymore? And when the truth is revealed behind his silence?