Book Review : The Shining by Stephen King

I have to admit that before reading “The Shining” I hadn’t really given a second thought to Stephen King, as a writer. I had heard of him but thought “oh, he’s  played out and probably isn’t good”. I couldn’t have been more wrong! When I recently went to the library with my older sister, I slowly drifted into the adult hardcover fiction section. Everytime I go, I usually stay in the teen categories but I was tired of seeing the same book covers wanted something different. When I saw the books by Stephen King, I grabbed one trying to see what all the fuss was about. The book I picked was “The Shining” because the title seemed interesting enough. After reading I would want to spread the message to everyone who hasn’t read one of S.K.’s novels to go their nearest library and grab one. Seriously the book was that good, amazing even, and although it frightened a lot it was one of those stories you just couldn’t be put done.

The Shining quite simply put is about a family; the Torrance family. It consists of three people: the Mom (Wendy Torrance), the Dad (Jack Torrance), and their child (Danny Torrance). Wendy and Jack met while in college and continued their relationship until they were married. Both of them come from miscreant families, their parents have made a lasted impact on their entities. Jack grew up with an alcoholic dad who often beat him and his mother. He had several brothers who didn’t really do anything to stop him and when authorities got involved his mother just made excuses. The only reason she didn’t separate from him was because of her religion; Jack’s mom was a Catholic and that prohibited her from divorcing. Soon into the novel, the reader will discover that this had an effect with how Jack copes with his anger and the overwhelming circumstances.  Wendy grew up in a difficult situation as well; her mother had a strange loathing of the relationship between her father and herself, and this caused them to separate. The action of the book soon starts when Jack is offered a position at a remote hotel in the mountains. He is to be the winter caretaker (heating the building, checking the boiler, etc.) and plans to take his family with him. Prior to this job, he got fired from his literature teaching position at an elite school because he got into a fight with a student. This was a result of his constant drinking and “anger issues”. Danny, his five year old son, has also been on the receiving end of his anger and knows from experience that people can get hurt when met with it. Danny has a gift, later to be called a Shining, and can catch people’s thoughts, can see the future, and see the dead. Danny starts to have “dreams” with his friend Tony who shows him the future of a dark place. Danny doesn’t want his family to go to the Overlook but doesn’t say anything because he knows that his father is unemployed and they don’t have anywhere else to go. Shortly after arriving at the hotel, strange mishaps keep happening. Although Jack tries to deny the events in his mind, Danny and Wendy know the horror behind the hotel. The duo soon have to defend themselves against the hotel and what it wants from Danny. Read to see whether the family survives and the exciting, horrific things along the way. You can buy “The Shining” at Amazon or check out from your nearest library.

Like I alluded to  earlier this book had me in chills. The whole time I read it I couldn’t be along in a room by myself, that was how scary it was. However the story was very compelling and no matter how much it was creepy or eerie I kept reading. I would recommend this to readers that are teens that are mature enough to read material that can be scary. All in all this book would score a 10 out of 10 for anybody willing to read a life changing novel.