Book Review : Ingo by Helen Dunmore

I have read this book, maybe a total of 20 times. Like seriously! I’m not even kidding! I already am fascinated by mermaids and anything involving the sea world so this book (for me) is a total hit. It is one of the most whimsical, mystical, enchanting stories you could read right now, and I wish everyone can read it also. For me I was really intrigued by the family circumstance, the pleasant area surrounding the Trewhella cottage, and the interesting dynamic between Ingo and Earth. This novel is an absolute must and shouldn’t be ignored!

“Ingo” is about the Trewhella family that lives off the coast of Cornwall. The family consists of Mom, Dad, Sapphire, and Conor. On he day after the  Midsummer Eve’s celebration, Sapphire and Conor’s day goes missing. The night of the party, their dad had gone off in his boat on an excursion and didn’t make it back. Usually they wouldn’t be worried since he knows the sea and the coast like the back of his hand , but their mom gets worried over him. When the coast guard searched for him, they find his boat “The Peggy Jordan” floating on the ocean but no sign of him. At this point, the two siblings know something doesn’t add up and they vow to never stop searching for their dad no matter what happens. The church in their village has as ceremony for him, without a coffin (since they can’t find a body) and the surprising thing is, Granny Carne shows up. She is perhaps one of the most important people in the town, both feared and loved. A few months go by after the incident and Sapphire start noticing changes in Conor. He starts going down to the cove by himself and disappearing for hours. This is unusual behavior because the pair do everything together and more alarming is that both swore to never go to the cove alone because the tide can come in and sweep you out to sea. So one day she notices that he is gone, and visits their own private section of the beach. What she discovers there makes her skin prickle with alarm. When she starts approaching a boy he originally thinks is Conor, he turns around and she is shocked to see he has a tail. After, Sapphire is introduced to the amazing world of Ingo and can’t stay away from its hypnotizing depths. Purchase from Amazon or check out from your local library to find out if Sapphire and Conor find their father, and if they can resist the temptation of staying in Ingo.

I would recommend this books to ages 10 to 14. I say that because “Ingo”features mermaids and many older readers/adults wouldn’t be able to get past the incredulous storyline. Personally that element doesn’t bother me because I enjoy reading about fantasy characters and things that aren’t true in the real world. I give this book a 10 out of 10. It has such high rating for me because the writing is impeccable in it, all events (in book) are clearly expressed and understandable, and freakin MERMAIDS (like come on!). Although this book is older (released in 2008), I urge anyone to read this book because its amazing.