Book Review : After The End by Amy Plum

So I’ve been taking a break from reading for awhile now. Not to make up excuses but I’m been preparing to go back to school and other things like that. Not to veer away from the main point of this article; which is books and I recently went to the library yesterday to get a movie and check out some books. When browsing the titles I was captured by two whose covers were very poignant and intense. The first book in the series titled “After The End” showed a girl dressed in red with two dogs by her side and they were approaching a city. The thing that really captured me was the contrasting colors of the sky and the dark gray ground beneath it. I decided to get it and also the second interesting looking second book in the series.

As you can probably guess by the ominous title “After The End”, this book is sort of about an apocalyptic world. It starts out in the viewpoint of an teenage girl named Juneau, who is named after the capital of Alaska where she lives. All her life she’s been living with her community in the woods in a kind of cult/sect. They all claim and believe to be connected with nature/the Earth which they call the Yara. All Juneau’s life she been told her dad along with numerous escaped there after World War 3 and that most civilization died. She and the children believe they are the future and that they need to keep their group together for survival. One day when Juneau is out hunting, she comes back to find everyone gone. Their sled dogs Huskies are all shot dead and through her special powers she finds out what happened. Soon she goes on a journey to find her family and save her people, and along the way she may find love.

I really enjoyed this novel and although I always say this I would recommend this to anybody, whether they’re old or young. At first glance I expected this novel to be just another replica of the dystopian/post apocalyptic society book but it’s so much more. I feel like everyone should give this book a chance and if you’re interested check out from your nearest library or buy from Amazon.