Bless The Bees

I found out about Bless the Bees from a person on the street who was part of an ecological impact awareness organization. He told me that to get a better understanding of the environmental issue I should read this. I’m very glad I did because now I am aware of the personal decisions and changes I can make to improve what’s going on.

Average people need to learn about these issues and simply have the desire to protect our planet. Bless the Bees read very forthright and honest. It didn’t sugarcoat, but stayed very close to reality. The author, Kenneth Eade, is clearly very knowledge and has expertise on the topic. His prose was pleasant, despite the heavy content of the bee crisis.

I am really glad I took the time to read Bless the Bees and learn about the topic. I think Bless the Bees gave me a healthy and all-encompassing understanding that I can put to good use.