Bitter Sweet

The most striking part of Bitter Sweet was our protagonist, Nina, who is forced to question her own lifestyle while trying to improve the lives of others. We experience her exploration into this dilemma while she is in the midst of saving her own life and those girls. This book had me a bit short of breath at times and wide-eyed as I anticipated so many times that the absolute worst would happen. During one of the climaxes, when something absolutely awful and heartbreaking goes down, I was surprised that there were more pages left because I was absolutely at a loss for how things could go on. Despite all this, the book read at a great pace, and I enjoyed every new element and character that was introduced.

The author, Mason N. Forbes was so great at keeping me, as a reader, captivated and close to the action. You could tell that he had invested much into the work and I commend the complexities and intrigue I got to experience from this book and the genre.