Bitcoins Made Simple

So clearly there are A LOT of Bitcoin guides out there. I would recommend this one because it gives you a general idea of the item, why it’s important, then tells you how to enter the market for it yourself. Then it proceeds to go into further detail and specifics. It’s a very promising investment and the future looks to be very bright. Many are a bit intimidating to try something out that is so new and with this, it’s kind of an unchartered territory, but the payoffs are becoming more and more clear.

This doesn’t appear to be slowing down, and Bitcoins have none of the attributes of a “fad”. This is real enterprise, but it takes a person with the right background and / or skill set to get a hold of it which makes this book even more necessary. I’m very pleased with The Quantum Self-Research Team, who put together BITCOINS MADE SIMPLE to be a very well-researched book about simplifying Bitcoins down to the essentials.

BITCOINS MADE SIMPLE: The beginner’s step-by-step guide to buying, storing, and investing to make money with Bitcoins