Beyond Survival

After reading Beyond Survival, I feel a renewed sense of strength as well as growth. I wish I would have had this book as a resource as I went through hard times and obstacles in my past. Based on real events and within a powerful story about overcoming, rising above, and becoming stronger than ever, Beyond Survival is a life-changing book. It adds perspective that you will be able to take with you. The content is heavy with themes of war, destruction, pain, and adversity. Jerry Coffee realized his own inner-ability to harness his love and passion and leverage it to combat impossible odds. His story will stick with me for life, and I would encourage anyone to dive in and marvel at the story in Beyond Survival. The fact that it comes right from the man who survived it all is triumphant and inspiring.

 Jerry Coffee is a remarkable man. This is more clear than ever after reading Beyond Survival. As a POW in North Vietnam, it really is impossible odds working against him. Within horrid living conditions and the unfathomable being daily challenges, he shares how his only choice was to look within himself. The untapped strength to overcome began to reveal itself, empowering him to make the most depressing and unbelievable of circumstances turn around. It makes the problems we are facing appear to be much more bearable considering what Jerry went through. It made me emotional and moved to learn what it means to be a human force. My worldview has changed and could not be more sincere about how much Beyond Survival has made an impact of my life.