An Accidental Spy

From the get-go I could tell that this book was going to good. My expectations were really high, and An Accidental Spy did not disappoint. Verity, our protagonist, is an extremely likable character. As we follow her journey to the point where she has to make a dramatic and life-changing decision, the readers are able to follow her every thought, conviction, and desires.

The author, Jolyn Jones, was really great at developing this character on her own terms, and allowing the supporting characters to stand relative to Verity as well as in their own proper context. The plot and storyline of the book was not diminished by the familiarity of espionage in a 20th century European setting. Every moment was well-crafted – especially that tumultuous ending where – almost – everything comes full circle. The author left just enough to the imagination. All in all, this was an entertaining and sophisticated novel that I thoroughly enjoyed.