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Abis Crafty Attic Quilts and Crafts

Would like to create an online quilt store front, then employ people with disabilities giving them chance to make a better life.

Abi’s Crafty Attic will be created to sell be beautiful quilts like those presented in the video. All quilts would be hand made by people with chronic illnesses.

Two years ago I was faced with vestibular challenges and found out that many other people also have problems similar or like this. It basically makes driving difficult, working under fluorescent lighting, large offices, and nosey places unbearable. Just functioning in public becomes a very hard task and shopping is mostly not possible unless online. I would like to start a business where people in similar situations to my own could come and work. I have found quilting to be something I can do without suffering. Many people in my condition find it hard to be in stores, offices and basically any place that they can’t control the situation (lights, music, crowds).This makes finding a job very difficult. Our local Office of Vacational Rehab keeps stressing there is a high need but these jobs just don’t come around very often. Eventually I would like to get to the point where others with disabilities can come work in an continue reading…