A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness : Book Review

A Monster Calls is a very moving and emotional book. The story is very sad and many, like I, would like a good cry. Not to mention it gives very good lessons on telling the truth, family values, and  coping mechanisms after a death. I think this novel would be beneficial in teaching young kids a pm valuable story while letting them read something that isn’t real. As we all know the author, Patrick Ness, is a master of his work and has many great fiction novels out there for young and old alike.I thoroughly enjoyed “A Monster Calls” and I hope others will too.

“A Monster Calls” is about boy named Connor and his mom. Connor’s mom is dying of cancer and there is nothing he can do about it. Every night that he goes to sleep, he dreams of a monster in one of his nightmares. One night when he wakes up (seven minutes past midnight), he meets a real live monster. It isn’t the one from his dreams but it is scary, wild and it wants something from Connor (something he is almost unwilling to give up). Purchase from Amazon or check out from your nearest library to figure out what happens with Connor and if he’s able to tell the truth.

Some likes + dislikes:

I liked that this book was quirky and somewhat reminiscent of fairy tales (to me). I loved and also hated how this book was very emotional and made me cry. I liked this original idea of a monster and how it makes you face your fears other than inspire them. I liked how Conor has to confronted with telling the truth or having to face getting left in the dreamlike world the monster brings him into.  For me this book is very emotional because at the end his mom died and I think anybody whether its a child or adult that is a major loss. Something I didn’t like was how nobody saw the monster, it was only Conor.

I would give this story an 10 out of 10. I really thought it was that amazing and I wish it could get more more people can see it. This book can be read by anyone, no age limit because the book is relatable and appropriate for anyone.